A P P L I C A T I O N

Firstly remove any excess oil from your eyelids or sweep powder over your lids to mattify them, be super careful when removing the lashes from the packaging so you don't tear or damage them, the easiest way to remove the lashes from the packaging is using a pair of tweezers pinch the excess tab at the end to remove the lashes easily. After doing this step wiggle the lashes between your fingers creating a U shape to loosen and give shape, measure your Lash House lashes against your eye and trim them if necessary. Continue by applying a thin layer of glue to the lashes and wait until the glue becomes tacky before applying (this is the secret to great lashes). Holding the lashes in the centre place along the natural lash line securing the centre first then the outer lash and then the inner side, push the lashes down and hold them in place (patience is needed). After the glue has set gently push down to double secure the lashes. Continue by adding eyeliner if necessary to fill in any gaps.If you do struggle applying lashes you can purchase our application kit for only £2.99 which includes an eyelash applicator making our lashes super easy to apply. Don't forget to tag your selfies on our instragram page at @lashhouseuk

                           M A I N T E N A N C E 

When removing your 100% mink eyelashes remove them gently by the band, do not pull on the lashes as this will damage your mink eyelashes. Once removed take all the glue off the lashes carefully and remove any excess glue off your natural lashes. Shedding may occur over time this is completely normal do not worry about this. We highly recommended you keep your lashes in the original casing to keep them from getting damaged.